Here you will find a link for all posts that I have with a library to download:


2 responses to “Libraries

  • Cristian

    Mc i found and issue with the mysql handler.
    Into the insert method when compare if a value is or not numeric you use the is_numeric.
    I have the bad lucky of have a field value (string) that was 0XAB. In database was varchar off course.
    Like is_numeric evaluate too hexa numbers they give me a TRUE and not add the “‘”.

    I solve with this modification:
    if(is_numeric($value) && strtolower(substr($value,0,2)) != ‘0x’ )
    Another thing i modify is clean the results var each time you do something insithe the class otherwise they grow up if you do many querryes on the same object.

    Thanks for the library, we spoke some time ago about other fixes.
    I like this lib is how i’ll do, fast, light and simple

    Thanks, Cris

    • mcloide

      I have totally forgotten that is_numeric does evaluate the hexadecimal values and for you it will, certainly, mess up the results. You have done a good solution and it will definitely work. I’m revising the class so I can improve it and I will check the query clean up and a possible substitute for the is_numeric function.

      Thanks again for the reporting.

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