I have build a very simple class that parses a Vcard file type. The class will read a file with a Vcard, parse all information in it and output an array with the information. Once you get the array you can easily access it and uses it’s information for another class such as user or contacts.

The class is bellow and you can use it, modify it, just make a reference where you got it from (thanks):

# The class is very simple, it will build an array with all the information of the Vcard
# This is an example of the return of the parser

[name] => Array
[lastname] => Robot
[firstname] => Tired
[middlename] =>
[fullname] => Tired Robot
[business] => Tired Robot Blog
[title] => Blog Picture
[note] => Any notes associated with this contact
[phone] => 5615615561
[home] => 5615615562
[cell] => 5615615563
[fax] => 5615615564
[address] => Array
[0] => 1234 NW Street with no Name St
[1] => Deerfield Beach
[2] => FL
[3] => 33442
[4] => United States

[url] =>
[email] =>


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