Bug reporting

I have done a lot of applications and some of them had to be released in a Beta Version and as you probably know, beta is the first stable version that you can work with, but it might have a bug or two.

Most of the times I have just asked the users to submit an email with the feedback of what it’s going on. Most ot the times I have lost that email and had no reference about the bug.

I had two ways to work this out, one create a ticketing system or simply create a class that get’s the user information about the bug, saves and send an email.

Both have it’s pros and cons, but in this case I will release the bug class only. It’s simple, easy to adapt and it will store the bug information that is all that we need right now. 

You can download the class here and inside the class you will see (at top) the information about creating the table.

P.S. This class uses my MySQLiHandler class that is available in my older posts.

Important update: I have added more fields in the bug reporter and I have changed the way that the insert method works in the MySQLiHandler class. Please get the latest versions.


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