PHP Series – The Encore Beginner Edition Book

A while ago I have learned that every man should plant a tree, have a child and write a book. I never really knew who said this before and it did not really made much sense until I had my daughter, my first child. Part of creating this book came from this phrase, the other part, is explained bellow.

I have always worked with PHP. Some times as freelance projects and recently (past 3 years) as a full time job. In 2009 I have taken the Zend Certification for PHP5 and for that I had to study a lot, learn a lot, get deeper in PHP language that one day I have been before. While studying I started with a blog ( as a way to keep resources, libraries and every single note that I could use later for the exam.

The more I wrote on the blog, more and more people came by and kept making questions about the exam, PHP, a resource, etc. It had became a useful resource not only for me, but also for other people. Some questions where hard, some easy and in a bunch I had questions that involved the basic concepts of PHP developing and that was when I decided to create the PHP Basic Series. A series of articles pointing out the basic concepts of coding and of the PHP language.

From this series of articles I have created this book that I hope that will become a resource for any developer or rookie that is starting on web development and is checking out what language path he should follow.

Also available as e-book :—the-encore-beginner-version/6499638


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