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Windows 8

I have finally taken a look on the new Windows 8 and it is truly a beauty, but, it is visually made for e-pads and not for normal PCs.

The welcome screen is like a big gadgets block with access to a app store. No more the old style Windows bar when you hit the windows key.

Annoying things:

  • the scrolling is side-ways so your mouse is useless
  • finding the control panel is a pain in the ….
  • most of the stuff is very well hidden

Fun things:

  • cntrl + alt + del still works
  • trying to find how to turn off the windows

Playing with it today I learned, with a friend of mine, a very good trick, with the welcome screen open, if you right click on a empty space, the full menu with the control panel will appear.

Windows 8 is an open space for a change on the current PCs and it clearly makes space for e-pads, phones, and a lot of new small apps in the same way that Google Chrome and Apple app store have.


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