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Google+ had an growth of 43% in June.

Google+ had an growth of 43% in June. Huge heap that was maybe explained by the merge of Picasa in Google+

It is still under Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, but it already shows strength  to be fighting for a bigger crowd.

Full post in http://ow.ly/ck2CH (posted in Google+)


Mac Thunderbolt Update breaks the OS

Just got a word from the OPS here. Don’t update the MAC Thunderbolt yet. The last update forced by Apple, have a bug that, after it is done and rebooted, it will not let you to login and the disc image will need to be restored (in another words, it breaks the OS).

Looks like it only happens to a few users, either way, if you are willing to update your MAC, back-it-up first.

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Windows 8

I have finally taken a look on the new Windows 8 and it is truly a beauty, but, it is visually made for e-pads and not for normal PCs.

The welcome screen is like a big gadgets block with access to a app store. No more the old style Windows bar when you hit the windows key.

Annoying things:

  • the scrolling is side-ways so your mouse is useless
  • finding the control panel is a pain in the ….
  • most of the stuff is very well hidden

Fun things:

  • cntrl + alt + del still works
  • trying to find how to turn off the windows

Playing with it today I learned, with a friend of mine, a very good trick, with the welcome screen open, if you right click on a empty space, the full menu with the control panel will appear.

Windows 8 is an open space for a change on the current PCs and it clearly makes space for e-pads, phones, and a lot of new small apps in the same way that Google Chrome and Apple app store have.

Do you know how far Japan is on Mobile from us ?

Well if you can’t eve imagine, check this post:


Did you know 3.0

This is a must see video from Youtube.  Amazing information and data.

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