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Setting up email server on Linux environment

I was looking for something else when I came across this tutorial and it is really great. Check it out:



Test mail server tool

The main reason why I have created this blog was to keep all my resources and libraries at one place and share them with every developer on the web.

Today I found out that one good resource that I have used for a while was not blogged. The test mail server is a simple application that will take over your mail server locally so you can fully test your applications (basic mail config). If you are developing on Windows, that’s a must have tool.

I have added the link on my Resources page, but you guys can see the original post at: http://www.tiredrobot.com/2008/11/03/test-mail-server-tool/ .

Note: This is a great blog that have the same concept that this one (that I helped and help until today), but a bit older, so you can find more stuff like this and a lot more stuff for Flex programming.

Have fun.

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