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Installing Composer Russian Roulette

I have seen the rant that was happening on Twitter that generated this article. At first I was a bit confused because I couldn’t figure out why there was an issue with the Composer Install. It is such a great way to install it and, truly, for me, at 1st sight, I haven’t seen nothing wrong.

Truth is that the current way that you install Composer can bring some problems and there is a solution for it.

Great read: http://www.adayinthelifeof.nl/2012/10/15/installing-composer-russian-roulette/comment-page-1/


Mac OSX Installer Crash

Looks like some developers forgot to attend the math class:


Error aside, this was generated because the cable that communicates with the HD was messed-up. Still pretty funny to see the installer counting negative numbers. That is something that I have never seen a windows installer do.

Instaling Zend Studion on Ubuntu 64

Julian just came with a detailed tutorial of how to install Zend Studion on the 64 edition of Ubuntu.

It has both solutions, installing the normal version and the 64 version of Zend Studio.

Check it out: http://www.smooka.com/blog/2009/11/02/installing-zend-studio-on-ubuntu-64-bit/

Installing SAMBA on Xubuntu

samba is by far the best file / printer sharing service available for Linux. It will surely provides a way to share folders, files and printers with Linux systems and Windows systems, therefore installing it on Xubuntu have some tricks.

First, using Synaptic (or apt-get) install samba (lower case). It will also ask to install other libraries and install them as well.

The next step is to install swat (lower case) a web management tool for SAMBA. Just like SAMBA you can either use the Synaptic or the apt-get to install it.

Now come the tricks.

First make sure that the that the #<off># is removed in the /etc/inetd.conf file.

Now, with apt-get, install the xinetd server. This is the second most important step to allow SAMBA and SWAT to work together.

To finalize, open the xinetd.conf file (/etc/xinetd.conf) and add before the xinetd.d include:

# description: SAMBA SWAT
service swat
disable = no
socket_type = stream
protocol = tcp
user = root
wait = no
server = /usr/sbin/swat
port = 901

With this it will be possible to access SWAT by at your browser.

By default it will only enable the printer sharing to any users. To allow folder sharing, you must go to:

[Menu] Applications -> System -> Shared folders.

Now all is left is to configure SAMBA, a task that using SWAT, becomes very easy.

Have fun.

Installing Skype under Xubuntu 8.10

Installing Skype under Xunbutu is not hard, but if you are having problems while installing, there is a good chance that you either might have the wrong version (32 or 64 bits) or you are not able to download additional packages because you don’t have the source set (yours trully).

If this is your case, then the solution is simple: Using the terminal, add the source and update it, so you have all sources set. Since this will vary by version, check this post on the Mediabuntu Community under adding repositories.

Run both commands and downlaod the Skype package from the Skype Linux Download Page.

Run the package installer and you should be good to go.

Have fun [Linux Version]

Ubuntu from your flash drive

I was reading some articles around and I found an article that is great, installing Ubuntu into your flash drive. Off course you will have some requirements and restrictions, but it is a great feature to test it on.

I will do some tests and latter place the results here, but meanwhile you can check the full article at: xUbuntu Blog

Installing CURL under Appserv

Installing CURL in a Windows enviroment for your development machine that is using Appserv, can be a major headache, but here goes a small tip of how to make it work fast.


First go to the PHP directory and copy the following libraries to the windows/system32 dir.


  • ssleay32.dll
  • libeay32.dll


Open the PHP.INI file and remove the ; from extension=php_curl.dll. If this entry is not there, just copy add it.

Reboot your machine to load and you are good to go.

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