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Speed up your MAC boot

This is a quick translation from a full post that was done in pt-br –

These are 3 quick tips so you can improve your boot speed on your MAC:

1. Remove any external drives that you have (usb and flash drives) – They take a while to load up
2. Check your startup load items on System Preferences -> Accounts -> Login Items: remove all of the ones that you really don’t need to start right away (like Skype)
3. On System Preferences -> Appearance Change -> Number of recent items: remove all or diminish as much as you can on these. The speed of the boot can slow down with larger numbers and specifically after a crash (or battery dying).

Aside of these tips, aslo consider:

1. Max RAM
2. Use a SSD (it can improve up to 30 secs on boot time)

This should take care of most of your speed issues with a MAC


Firefox memory and processor consumption in Mac OSX

Firefox, one of my favorite browsers just fell under the category of fat memory and processor consuming beast on the Mac OSX. It is a sad fact, not using it much it can consume easily around 500 MB of memory, and pushing it just a bit makes the processor consumes anything from 10% to 90%.

I use Firefox and Chrome a lot for testing the applications that I”m building and I have always liked Firefox best since Firebug (one of Firefox best extensions) help’s considerably for troubleshooting anything from JS errors to HTML malformed and simple CSS changes.

It is truly sad, but between having my machine overheating and not using Firefox, not using it seems more of a logical decision.

Mac OSX Installer Crash

Looks like some developers forgot to attend the math class:


Error aside, this was generated because the cable that communicates with the HD was messed-up. Still pretty funny to see the installer counting negative numbers. That is something that I have never seen a windows installer do.

A good day of work

My 1st impressions of a MAC

I have been always working with Windows and recently I have changed to Linux so it would be possible to boost my Desktop performance without much investment.

Working with Xubuntu for the past months has been wonderful, but now a major performance was need for necessary work. Talking with colleagues and friends, I have choosen a MacBook Pro, a extremly light weight notebook with a lot of power for the size.

Going to the Apple Store was fun. I had come to a store employee and told him that I needed a MacBook Pro that could hold a couple of Virtual Machines running at time and one of them was Linux. He got spooked, but actually helped a ton on choosing the correct one.

Easy setup, beautiful opening and yes, it is impressive. The first steps where easy, installing Skype, MSN Messenger Live, configuring email, installing the Eclipse PDT, VPN and installing VirtualBox, my main reason for using a Mac. I got pretty part of the setup of my environment done until I got stuck into some small problems.

Getting Apache working, configuring the httpd.conf and setting up some other development stuff. It took time, but most is done, now is just fine tunning.

There are some tricks that are usefull on a Mac and those I have learned today. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a confessed newbie on Mac’s, even knowing that I have already used Linux for a long time (believe me, it’s very similar, including commands, but is not the same).

The best trick: Use sudo nano to edit files that you wouldn’t normally do with a text editor because you don’t have permissions or the system don’t have permissions to it.

A very useful trick: Hit command + space to open the Spotlight. A mix of finder with run that allows you to execute command that is being searched and open documents.

There is much to learn with a Mac. Feels like that I’m on a Linux that was transformed into a “good guy” that can play cool games. Well, maybe we can change it back to a “bad boy” (Linux) and still play cool games 😉

So far, working with it has been wonderful, let’s see how it goes when I push it to the limit…

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