The future of blogging

… or at least the future of this blog.
It has been a while since I have last written anything on this blog, reason is, lately I have been retweeting more and sharing more stuff on Google+ than writing here.

There is a lot happening with technology, PHP and web development in general and even if I wanted to, writing about everything is barely impossible.

Considering this, I have decided to keep writing on this blog but when only the situation requer to. For example, if there is a new piece of technology, PHP feature, etc that requires a longer explanation or more words than 140 chars, it will be here, otherwise, check Twitter and Google+.

To make this feed easier to check I have added some of the social medias that I’m part of in . There you will find my twitter account, my G+ account and some other accounts like Github and Coderwall.

See you on twitter or till next post right here 😉


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