A scenario that should have failed

Today something happened to me that by chance I was luck enough to find out. By all means it was a scenario that should have failed and it did not.

I had an account and it was closed (so no more transactions were supposed to go to it) on the 19th. On the 29th I had  a payment (Real Time Bank Transfer)  with a vendor. I forgot to update with the vendor the account details and a transaction was posted. I don’t think, in my widest nightmares, I would had a closed account accepting a transaction. It not only accepted a transaction over an closed account but also accepted a transaction over an account that had 0.00 as balance (this last is more acceptable since banks have overdraft fees).

Few days later, checking the balances on the new account (that was supposed to have the transaction), the transaction wasn’t there, so I have assumed that it had failed. Checked with the vendor and surprisingly enough the vendor was happy, wich means that the transaction went through. Checked with my dad, that received the transfer, and he also did had the amount. By exclusion it means that the transaction was posted on a closed account (simple troubleshooting came in hand).

Hold right there: How come a closed account have accepted a transaction?

That was my 1st question when I did go to the bank branch to check if the transaction went through on the closed account. After a 1 and half hour of trying to figure out the issue with the representative we got things sorted out. The bank admitted that they did a mistake. A mistake that in my opinion  is pretty bad one.

Just so you can have an idea: Foreach negative transaction there is an overdraft fee, charged per day, of $35.00. In 30 days that would had costed me: $1050.00.

Kind sucky to know that a system mistake would had cost me over a thousand USD in a month and a ridiculous amount in a year.

Things were sorted out. The bank now knows about the system error and for myself, I got a couple of documents proving that the account was closed and clean, so if any day I get someone to try to collect me anything, well, I have proof that things are ok.

I’m not sure what made me perplexed, knowing that this kind of error happened or knowing that this kind of sh** always happens to me. Who tested this sh** ?


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