Who tested this sh***

One of my colleagues was testing something and found out that a cron that was consuming 100% of memory and never ended. He is not a PHP Developer so he called me to take a look.

After less than a minute looking on the code I found the issue but I was perplexed to see how a code like that went to production.

In short this was the main execute code of the cron:

while(!empty($all)) {
$row = array_shift($all);

As you can imagine, that array will never be empty, so the loop will never end.

Fixing it was very easy, a simple change from while to foreach took care of the issue, but a question remains for me: who tested this sh***

Obviously it wasn’t tested, otherwise this would have been caught way prior getting to production.

Sorry about my rant but I can’t avoid to get mad when I see a developer that did not even run the code prior commit it.


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