Klout Perks

The very first time I have learned about Klout was by reading an article from Wired Magazine. Like anyone else I have created an account and immediately started to get addicted to track of my “Klout Score”.

The Klout score is a simple number that goes from 1 to 100 and measures how far away does your social media reaches. Think of it as a gossip measure, when it is well done you can reach the whole town and that would be translated to a 100 points on Klout.

As soon you start building a higher score you start getting perks. From business cards for free to all sorts of things. Today I have received a perk given by Cadillac (@cadillac): A red-carpet presentation for the Movie Argo. Seeing a movie premiere is awesome, seeing a premiere with a party is even more cool.

Truth is that, until today’s perk, I haven’t really seen a real good use for the score since I’m not in marketing or media business, but, if this becomes a trend, as a business owner I would try to get a perk to all Klout users, because most likely they will tweet, G+, like, etc all about it (as I’m doing right now).

If you are curious how far can reach on the online social media, do a Klout account and while there, add me up: http://klout.com/#/mcloide/



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