Speed up your MAC boot

This is a quick translation from a full post that was done in pt-br – http://br-mac.org/2012/08/acelere-o-boot-do-mac-com-3-dicas-simples

These are 3 quick tips so you can improve your boot speed on your MAC:

1. Remove any external drives that you have (usb and flash drives) – They take a while to load up
2. Check your startup load items on System Preferences -> Accounts -> Login Items: remove all of the ones that you really don’t need to start right away (like Skype)
3. On System Preferences -> Appearance Change -> Number of recent items: remove all or diminish as much as you can on these. The speed of the boot can slow down with larger numbers and specifically after a crash (or battery dying).

Aside of these tips, aslo consider:

1. Max RAM
2. Use a SSD (it can improve up to 30 secs on boot time)

This should take care of most of your speed issues with a MAC


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