CakePHP 2.x

I have just started to play with the latest version of CakePHP and I got admit, it is amazing better. Compared to the old CakePHP 1.3 it is a thousand times better and it is on a point where I would seriously consider it to be a better candidate for a web application over Zend Framework.


My personal favorites:

  • getCrumbList from the HTML helper
  • getPostLink from the Form helper
  • The router now supports full urls

As a rule of thumb if you are on CakePHP v.1.3 migrating it will gain right out of the box full compatibility and some performance improvement. If you just starting on a new project with CakePHP v.2.x you will right out of the box 30% more over performance, better installation and a much better structured project.

You can get more info at:


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