What corporation doesn’t do hacks and breaks….

I love this quote about the whole Facebook IPO soul popper.

“Whether or not Zuckerberg needs to ditch the hoodie, Corpus thinks Facebook does need to change its freewheeling ways in some respects. The company “needs to move beyond its culture of hacking and breaking things and find the appropriate balance between innovation and reliability as a business platform for commerce, customer interaction, and advertising. It’s time Facebook transitions from a beta platform into a business platform ready for the next generation of growth,” he said.”

Seriously, what corporation never have placed a hack or broke something else in order of getting something done. I agree that if a hack does not work, you should not place it there, but throw the first rock who never placed a bad code in order to get things done in the appropriate time.

Let me quote Adam Savage here: “In science failure is always a option and constantly a necessary one.”

Hacking things is not a good option, but if you need to break out something in order to make it better, good thing you learned from it. No harm done.

More about the article: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2404202,00.asp


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