Myths and truths about Developers

This post was originally from VidaDeProgramador – a Braziliam blog that has charges and articles about the daily fun life of a developer.
It was so fun to read that a full translation is bellow:
The stereotype of a developer is usually generalized and inaccurate. So I decided to write this article to demystify this stereotype to a more accurate one. Based out of common sense will tell if it is true or false and why.

A developers life resolves to computers only.

LIE. There are also gadgets, video games, …

Programmers do not like women (genre generalization).

LIE. We  just do not consider essential in 100% of the time (as it is essential to any device connected to the Internet).

Computer programmers know everything.

TRUTH. But I do not want to show off, so do not ask to fix your computer / printer / something like that-not to disturb the exercise of humility.

All programmers are addicted to coffee.

LIE. There are programmers who live without coffee. Addicted to coffee  only the good programmers. [ROTFL]

Programmers are people with no social life.

LIE. Developers have much social life (they are registered in almost all social networks).

Programmer does not sleep.

LIE. Programmer sleep. But only in time that can not.

You have to learn to program in Linux to know programming.

LIE. The logic in the assertion is obviously reversed: You have to know programmingto learn how to program in Linux. [love this one]

Programmers are more intelligent than other creatures.

TRUTH. This will not explain, because: 1. If you are a programmer already knows that.2. If not, will not understand the explanation. [LOL]


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