Steve Jobs

I have to confess that I have been reluctant in writing about Steve Jobs. He have just passed away and how could I write about a man with so great brilliance and that brought to the tech world the innovation word.

For many he was more than an idol, for me he was the inventor of WAD (works as designed). Even knowing that this little flaw on the launch of iPhone 4 was probably a heavy weight for such a perfectionism man, it showed that he had at least some humor within.

Today’s morning the world knew that a the former CEO of Apple has passed away; Today’s morning I learned that I would not be able anymore to see one of the persons that I have looked for giving a speech on a tech conference.

Today we have lost not only a man, but also a bit of creativity, perfectionism and innovation. Hopefully the space that now has been created can be filled by more creativity, perfectionism and innovation.

Farewell Steve Jobs.


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