PHP Frameworks

Today I heard an interesting podcast from the guys of PHPSP and during the whole podcast they brought 2 interesting points:

  1. Every developer should participate on a PHP Open Source project so he can not only learn new techniques but also improve his techniques
  2. Zend Framework is definitely not for beginners.
Talking about frameworks is hard and there are a lot to consider and there is even a lot more that can be overlooked, therefore there are a few things that must be considered:
  • MVC
  • it can jumpstart a project and seriously: time is money
  • performance is important and even if the you can’t achieve with the framework, you can achieve it with hardware
  • when choosing a framework, consider age, documentation and online collaboration
  • frameworks are supposed to be a “lego board” where you build things on, in another words, a place where you don’t need to re-invent the wheel
Don’t forget to consider looking into other frameworks. There is always something new, something that you can use on a given project or even use the concept on a new one.
Have fun.

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2 responses to “PHP Frameworks

  • Anna

    witch php framework is the best? now i am using CodeIgniter but i think it isnt the best?…

    • mcloide

      PHP Frameworks really depends on what you will be doing, but regardless there are 2 that I would suggest:

      – Zend Framework
      – CakePHP

      Zend is a bit more complex and sometimes feels more like a big set of libraries (wich make’s it a bit more flexible too) and CakePHP is very well structured and there are a lot of made plugins for it.

      Both has it’s pros and cons, but in the end it will turn on to how fast you want to put your web application out. If it is fast use CakePHP. Developing with CakePHP will be hands down faster than with Zend.

      Hope it helps.

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