A couple of tips for your brand new Android ePad (MID)

For a couple months now I have been a happy owner of an Android ePad (MID) bought directly from eBay. The only frustation that I had was that for some apps it was very very slow and it was painful to get more apps since the manufacturer did not had access to Google’s Android Market.

Amazon has just released it’s own Android market and best of, they dont check for manufacturers to allow access to the apps so you can easily download top apps (like Angry Birds) with no problem what so ever.

If you are an Android ePad owner, Amazon marketplace is a must have. Regardless if you have access to the Android Market from Google or not, Amazon gives a paid app free every day.

The second must have is an app, that you can find at Amazon Marketplace, for boosting Androids memory. It acts as a trash collector rearranging the memory and allowing you to kill some process that are not anymore in use, but they are using the memory.

Last, but not the least, find some 3gp video player. There are a ton of sites online that provides 3gp content which is small enough for a cell phone to handle, so it will be more than enough for your Droid to handle.

Have fun.


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