The pad effect

e-padsSince Apple released the 1st iPhone I have always wondered how long it would take for that kind of interaction with the user to take over almost everything.

A good GUI, all interactive, with touch screen and virtual keyboards, on a phone, it was already a genius idea, so why not on a PC and then, it came the tablets.

I remember the quotes when the iPad first came out: “It is a iPhone on steroids; who will want that?”

Well, it seems that everybody. Having a tablet, ePad, iPad, regardless of the naming of it, has a huge amount of possibilities and after you own one, start to wonder how long more this format will take over.

I have got myself a good old “chinese” Android ePad. A small one, 7”. The only defect so far is that the Market doesn’t work so well, but, I still can find pretty much anything and install. I got it first as a ebook reader and today I’m thinking in ways of expanding it to several things, including, replacing my old notebook.

Look at it like this:

  • It does has skype
  • it has office (lite, but it works and you can use Google Docs as well)
  • it has browser capabilities
  • it has games
  • it is small enough for me to read a book at it
  • If necessary, I can plug a keyboard and mouse (got test this one) since it has usbs
  • It does not weight a ton

I agree that it wasn’t made to run a insane game, but seriously, any small presentation can be done with a device like an epad, so this is what I call the “Pad effect”.

Pad effect is when device-like iPad or Androids with good GUIs and touchscreens can actually replace a small notebook like the well known netbooks.

Let me place a note here. When I say small notebooks is in accordance with the technology of today. Off course, with improvements, I believe that keyboard and mouse will soon feel the pad effect.

The cool thing about this is that actually, this pad effect, is bringing huge usability standards and formats to take place on desktop applications (not that you can really call a ePad or iPad an desktop, but you get the idea) and this usability is extending out from the software level and going to the hardware level and binding it together.

The pad effect is an expression that I came  out with it. Not that it can be better represented by a better expression, but since we were all involved with iPads, ePads and Pads transformations, why not. That it can be better represented, it can be discussed, but now, that the e-pads / iPads are taking over, there is no discussion about it.


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