Installing Sphinx on a MacOSX and XAMPP environment

Mostly that you will need will be here:

But here are some notes that will help:

  1. The config file will be at: /opt/local/sphinx/ with the name of sphinx.conf.dist -> run a cp sphinx.conf.dist sphinx.conf so you can change that config file
  2. Make sure to use that path to the mysql sock and that that file exists there
  3. Also correct the db connection information. Usually for XAMPP is username root and a blank pass
  4. On the sphinx config file you MUST create the queries that will create the indexes. Otherwise you will get an error message such as this: Search query failed: no enabled local indexes to search

All set and done, execute the commands to generate the indexes and then the sphinx search engine (console).

This process is very similar to what will be done under a Linux environment.

Note: I haven’t found any resource pointing out to install that under Windows.


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