Quick Compare: CakePHP vs Zend Framework


I have been working with CakePHP now for a couple of weeks and I can finally give a quick compare over both Frameworks.

Both frameworks works in similar ways, they both have MVC patterns, but in this one I will give CakePHP MVC a plus because is definitively more structured than Zend’s, therefore I will give Zend’s query and cache structure a plus over Cake.


Item Cake Zend
MVC yes yes
Easy to configure and Install yes sort of
Can access multiple DB instances yes yes
Can work with other types of Dbs yes yes
Template Files .ctp .phtml
Tests cases Simple tests – Follows the same structure as the MVC folders PHPUnit – you need to configure and set
Logging built in yes yes
Multiple Apps with same core and libs yes, but you need to use symbolic links to the core and links yes, all is needed is a new module
File Structure Models represents table names The model don’t need to actually represent a table name
Standards “Good Cake” Fat models and skinning controllers Follows Zend’s and the developer choices – usually, fat controllers and skinny models
Escability Couldn’t test, but, unless the developer actually ensures that the queries on the models are correct, cake will use MySQL info table for retrieving columns and info, this can slow down a bit on a larger scale. Biggest concern cache and coding standards
Cache Memcache, APC Memcache, APC
Debugging Built In cake functionality (witch also talks to Firebug) + Cake Log Firebug + Zend Log

They are very similar and both has it’s pro’s and con’s, but depending of what is supposed to be achieved with the app, both frameworks can do the work pretty neat.

Have fun.


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