Basic Internet Connection Troubleshoot

Alright here goes some basic internet connection troubleshooting.

  1. In most of the cases, when your cable lost connection for quite some time, these are the items that might be related to it:
  2. Modem not receiving (keeps blinking receiving light) -> cable corp problem
  3. Modem not sending (keeps blinking sending light) -> it can be either the cable corp or the modem problem -> to test  -> remove cable and power, wait a few minutes and place again -> should work and if not -> cable corp problem
  4. Broken cables (this one is annoying) -> change cables
  5. Modem gone -> hard to test too
  6. Router gone -> place pc on modem and it should work
  7. Router ping of death -> some routers give a feedback so high to the modem that the cable corp takes out offline

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