10 Truths about PHP and Web development

Yeah, that is Murphy when he discovered the law

When developing web applications there are some real “insights” that might help you and all of them applicable to PHP developing.

Check them out:

  1. “In Science Failure is always a option” – Adam Savage fro MythBusters
  2. Take your time and do it right from the 1st time
  3. Contradiction and Irony had a case and created the Murphy’s Law which kicks both rules above through space
  4. A missing semicolon will break your script
  5. There is such thing as error logs and they exist to be checked
  6. The only real configuration for error logging in PHP.INI on a development machine is E_ALL
  7. The project will be launched before the due time and with a considerable amount of bugs
  8. Usability is never considered on project development time
  9. So is real testing done by testers and not developers
  10. For the last, and the most important of all, when everything fails, stop, grab a coffee, chill for a minute and you will see on the monitor that missing semicolon that you weren’t seeing.

Even knowing that most of these truths I have treated as jokes, in a real project and in the “real world” these actually happens. Just keep in mind the first 5 “truths” while developing a project and all will be good.

Have fun!

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