ZendCon 2010 – Zend Takes Enterprise PHP to the Cloud

Fresh from the press:

Zend Technologies, the PHP Company, today announced a new cloud application platform to accelerate enterprise PHP adoption in the cloud. The Zend PHP Cloud Application Platform provides access to cloud application services and management while delivering elasticity and high availability. The Zend Cloud Application Platform sets the standard for PHP cloud application development and deployment, providing an enterprise-grade Web application infrastructure while maintaining the freedom to choose cloud infrastructures and services.

Zend PHP Cloud Application Platform Overview:

·         Native and portable cloud services – rapid development of cloud or native cloud applications using Zend Framework components

·         Cloud-ready development environmentIDE support for cloud application development and debugging

·         Enterprise PHP stack – high-performance, supported application stack including PHP, Zend Framework, necessary extensions and drivers

·         Deployment and management – PHP configuration management for easy scale up and error prevention

·         Monitoring and diagnostics – application monitoring and diagnostics across multiple server instances for identification and triage of application- and service-level issues

·         High Availability – cloud-ready PHP session management and graceful shutdown for fault tolerance and streamlined maintenance

More details at the original article: Zend takes enterprise PHP to the Cloud


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