The Google Way

Where do I apply?

Where do I apply?

I have been saying it for years now: Google is a Umbrella Inc (yeah that one from Resident Evil) so big that it’s barely impossible to be tamed. I don’t say it because it is bad, but because the Google Concept or the Google Way it’s so amazing that can change, and I believe it will change, the way that Corps all over the World consider the way that the employees work.

In the late week of August the News Magazine Epoca from Brazil (Portuguese) have released a huge set of articles that point out what is the best inside the top 100 corporations in Brazil and Google was at the top of it.

Translating the whole article would take me a couple of weeks, so I will be translating the part that we all love: What Google Offers as Benefits (some information may not match since this is Google Brazil).

What Google Offer as Benefits

  • Health: Google will actually pay you (up to a limit monthly) to participate in Walking Groups, Pilates (at the office) and Gym. It is also possible to do sessions of massage and who does get’s to the age of 30, 35, 38 and 40 get’s annual free full check-ups.
  • Tech: Every employee will get compensation for home internet. At the moment that the employee is hired he will get a notebook, from his choice and there are still incentives to the employee to communicate using whatever way is necessary (voice, text, video, etc). In last Christmas, all employees got a new Google G1 smartphone.
  • Recommendations: To get in Google the whole process can take up to 2 months and it is a hard one. Google incentives all employees to recommend a friend or someone that they have worked with. If the person is contracted, the employee that made the recommendation can get a reward up to US $2,500.00.
  • Toys: Every newbie get’s a welcome kit with a T-Shirt, cap, some money to decor the workplace and  a gift card to spend on the Google Store with whatever he wants.
  • Parties: Google is known to like parties so the corp has a Culture and Fun Committee that are responsible of creating all kinds of activities. Movie nights, traditional parties, costume parties, etc. In every Google Office around the World, Fridays are happy hour days.
  • B0nus: All employees have good salaries, options for purchasing stock and a strong culture of variable remuneration. Besides the usual Bonus, based on goals achieved, there are Bonus if you have been pointed out by your peers and Bonus if you have been pointed out by your direct boss. There are also some symbolic bonus.

Seems like a dream right!? Well like any other Corp, Google is a hard core when it means achieving Goals and getting the responsibility to the correct persons. Quoting Epoca Magazine on this:

Working at Google demands to be ready for debates and also to listen to critics.

How hard it is!? Here are some highlights:

  • Exposed: There are no information pools at Google, therefore 2 teams can be competing for the same goal. Each employee and team must show everyone by email or personal pages on the intranet what they are doing, their progress on the week, month. This makes the information to be analyzed by everyone.
  • Interviewers: Who passes through the hard process of becoming part of Google will have he’s file created that will, at some point, get the World Committee that is analyzed by the founders themselves. Besides this the new employee will be interviewed by his future direct boss and all of his future direct co-workers. In the end, everybody on Google must know how to interview.
  • Goals: Everybody has goals. The sales has trimester goals, development has daily, weakly, monthly goals. Everybody should be used to work in parallel projects and Google will let you flexibility your time and even work from home if necessary. If you got nothing to do, make yourself available to another team. The employee don’t work in one single area, but for Google.
  • No Fear or all Fear?: Anyone can go to his direct boss without a fear of direct rival competition and present a project (your boss as your rival). This is also valid when you want to present the project to the boss of your direct boss. No boss should fear because an employee did go direct to the higher levels and presented a good project. In the end all employees can receive an “unsolicited feedback” which is a report done by anyone and it goes directly to the boss of the one in the report.
  • Security Alarm: The employees are encouraged to tell his co-worker that he left his desk and left the computer unlocked. Google has a tool for that called “Cheese this fool” where it will prank the unlocked PC. This tool helps the co-workers to prank each other but also helps Google to keep track where this kind of issue happens and it’s frequency. [As a personal note: don’t leave your PC unlocked unless you want something shameful on it – pranks on unlocked PC’s are encouraged :D]

No doubt that Google is a great place to work and also one that will make it’s employees responsible for their Goals. The “Google Way” makes the employee to have the flexibility he needs to do a good work so all he needs to do, is a good work.

Want to be a part of Google? Check out the job postings:


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