MacBook Pro Charging Meltdown

Today while using my Macbook Pro I noticed that it was hot as a volcano core and for the first time I heard it turning on the fan.

No need to mention that I’m a hard core user when it comes to computers in general. With PC’s (notebooks or not), I usually have huge cooler fans so it can stay cool, but on a Mac, it was a surprise to see the temperature going up to 150F.

After a little search and talking to some peers I have found out that on Macbook’s that have the internal battery heating up bad when charging is something very common. Sad it is true (they don’t do Mac’s as they did  before).

Anyway, after a small search I have found out a good post with a great tool that will help you control the fan settings and monitor the temperature.

Check it out:

You can also download the application directly at:


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