Samba and Vista

I was having this little bit of trouble with Windows Vista accessing my files on the SAMBA server.

After a little research I have found a great post wich gives a great trick to work out the imcopatibility issues between Vista and Samba.

Follow the link: Get Vista and Samba to work


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2 responses to “Samba and Vista

  • Kevin Gassen

    Great post. I got some very useful information from it. I’ve been trying out Joomla lately and am having a great time experimenting with it. Have you used Joomla? Any tips for me? If you’d like to see my blog it’s here. Thanks again for this blog – it is really informative.

    • mcloide

      Joomla is quite a good CMS system and carries out a ton of features that you can install and complete it. The only tips that I can give you on Joomla are based on the errors or sploits found for it. Like the JFolder Create issue and the issue with the retrieve password. You can find both posts on this blog under the category Joomla.
      Have fun and if you have any questions shoot them up.

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