Don’t upgrade to Xubuntu 9.10 Karmic

I have been working with Xubuntu for a while now and so far it has worked wonders at a point which I haven’t used Windows for months.

About 2 weeks ago I have upgraded my current Xubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 and this has become my biggest mistake ever.

Since the upgrade this is the kind of errors that I have been getting:

  • Skype doesn’t have any more sounds or can’t find mic
  • Applications Bar gone
  • Turning off or rebooting fails drastically making a hardware shutdown and power up necessary
  • And the latest, my XServer is gone (all the user interface that looks like Windows)  and with it the login screen (everything now is terminal)

From all the troubles so far, the Xserver is by far the worst. Since it is gone I haven’t been able to run it using my user and to execute it I have to run everything as root.

After making a short trip to Windows and checking Google to find some solution at least for the XServer, I could manage to make the everything come back, but all using root.

If you are about to upgrade DONT – This can be my best advise for you.

But if you are finding yourself in the same position that I was today then this is what you should do (you should be seeing only terminal at your screen):

  1. execute display – if your x-server have a problem, then it will warn you about
  2. now execute startx – this will start the xserver and all display options for your user. If you can see your Desktop, yeay, nothing more is necessary, otherwise you will need to run it as root (sudo startx)

Now is waiting for a good release of Xubuntu to solve this issues or reinstall everything from scratch.

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7 responses to “Don’t upgrade to Xubuntu 9.10 Karmic

  • Julian

    I’m in Ubuntu 9.10 and everything seems to be fine, except my issue with Zend Studio, but I believe that was more because of the fact that I was using the 64bit version.

    Any particular reason why you like Xubuntu over just ubuntu?

    • mcloide

      It was a clean install or upgrade. In my case was upgrade and it was fully with errors, tons of them. 😦

      • mcloide

        Totally forgot to mention that I’m using Xubuntu since the beginning. At first I have chosen it because I could fully execute it from a flash drive, but since development and needs become heavier, I have installed into the hard drive.

        With Xubuntu I have managed to be without logging into Windows for 3 months in a row and that’s why my full disappointment with the last version of Xubuntu.

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  • robinzrants

    I’m sure it depends on the hardware that it’s installed on. My Karmic Xubuntu is flawless, beautiful, and very fast. But I do think that I will be sticking to the long-term-support releases from now on rather than upgrading every 6 months.

    Most people have much better luck doing a fresh install to the next version than they do with the “upgrade” process.

    • mcloide

      It might be. My problems were related to an upgrade and plus I had several soft that were already configured, those, like PHP, were the ones that I needed to fix, but mostly easy fix. The only annoying thing was the error on reboot or shutdown on the swap files….

  • tom

    i can only agree to the author: ny upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 was a mess. it didn’t even help that i cleaned the whole system and made a fresh installation of the newly downloaded complete 9.10 (downloaded on a windows netboof / sometimes one is happy that there is MS, i am honest) didn’t help. tons of problems, mainly with sounds graphics, videos (i.e. i get a SYSTEM FREEZE / unbelievable but true) if i surf on some flash-rich websites…

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