Authorize.Net AIM Class Version 2

After some good responses from the previous class, I took some time and have done some minors, but necessary updates on the class.

Please note, this current version of the class still in Beta release (since the file_get_contents has not been tested and passed under QA)

Here is a list of the added / updated features of the class

  • Added __set test before posting the call to the gateway
  • Added constants method for those who does not use Zend Framework (extra parameter on the class, but it covers the logic for both methods)
  • Both previous items a good thanks to: Ram
  • Added posting via file_get_contents (not tested)
  • Added more info and better code compliance

To download the newer version of the class all you need to do is go to: – the download instructions are there.

If you have tested the class, let me know what you think. Improving always.


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