Google Wave – Review 1

This is the first review for the Google Wave.

So far I have watched 30 minutes of the video (1:20h) and this is what I can place as notes so far:

1. It’s based on the idea and concept of the email, but with the Gmail twist, and by that I mean that now, every “wave” (just for understanding, consider an email-gmail) you can see and interact with all replies and users.

2. It’s as geniously as the email idea.

3. It’s using a shared object in the server. That’s brillhant. With that you don’t need to create multiple instances and every body can see what is your response for that “wave”.

4. So far the 2 most impressive things are the photo sharing and the “document collaboration” tool (which can be much more powerful that how they actually envisioned).

5. So far, the only drawback, for the photo sharing tool, need Gears, but they are working to place the need in the HTML5 standart.

I’m still watching the video and I will also ask for a developer account so I can mess a bit with the API. As soon as I get more stuff, I will place it here.

For now check the Google Wave Video:


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