At least one thing works excellent on Vista

Yesterday I have tried the Ready Boost feature from Windows Vista with one of my flash drives and the results where amazing.

I have a Toshiba Notebook with Windows Vista Professional and only 2GB of RAM. After a ton of installed softwares, games and a 85% full HD it could hardly handle to open Firefox.

I was googling at the web when I found this article talking about using a flash and Vista Ready Boost to speed up the system, so I decided to test it and the results impressed me (when talking about Vista is hard to get me impressed with something actually good).

Anyway, if you have one of the newer versions of a Flash Drive with some reasanable amount of space you can use Ready Boost to speed up the system. It’s simple, all you got to do is plug your flash drive on a USB port and the options menu will pop-up. Check them all and one of the (lowest more likely) is the Ready Boost option. Select it and the select USE THIS DEVICE. Set the amount of memory you want it to use (the default is everything you got) and you are ready to go.

P.S. My major benchmark for this feature was running an anti-spy while installing an anti-virus. Runned smothly.

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