Tracking mobile with Google Analytics

I’m working with mobile for a while now and today the question poped: how to track mobile with Google Analytics.

At first it did not make much sense, but most of the mobile devices does not support Javascript or Cookies.

After some googling on the net I came accross this post – – that shows a way to call the tracking from Google without Javascript.

I have just did a small test run in my website: and tomorrow I will post the results for you guys here.

Anyway is a great post and if you are having the same difficulties, this might help you out.

Have fun.


I have just checked the analytics for my site and it did correctly got the Blackberry, Nokia N90 and the Sony Ericsson. I have only one entry for Safari, so I guess that was for the Iphone string (it shows Iphone on the operating systems part).

All the entries shows the fake url (that’s how it was instructed at the blog) and the IP of origin. It also shows 100% of bounce rate.

It definitively works. I will keep it on my site for a long time track and see how things are going and anything new I will post a new update.


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