RapidSVN can’t unlock local directory

This is a common error, it seems, whith RapidSVN system. RapidSVN is very good, but some times, when this happen it get very anoying since you can’t unlock the dir even when setting the force option.

Today I got this issue again. One of the repositories that I was working with got stuck in a lock mode that I don’t know where and how it happened and I could not unlock using the RapidSVN.

Goggling around the net I couldn’t find anything, so I have downloaded subversion (sudo apt-get subversion) and tried to unlock using subversion. It did not work, but, it did give me at least some clue of how to work out.

This is how you need to do if you got stuck with this:

  • Download and install subversion: sudo apt-get subversion
  • Cleanup the repository: svn cleanup /path/to/repository/dir/

This should go nice and easy, but pay attention if you got one or another message from it.

After the second command you should be able to correctly update your local repository.


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