In this Aprils 22nd, Go Green

April 22nd is the Earth Day and it’s the correct day to have a “green conscience” (or whatever that means).

In the computer field, probably, we don’t think much as “going green” or any political enviroment pledge that we might be having for whatever reason, but we have at least some enviromental responsibility with the planet that provide’s resources that we need to keep having computers, internet, eletricity, papers, coffee, cookies, chocolate and all the important things that we need to survie in the computer field.

Consider this: What would happen if the planet that we live get so wasted that we don’t have any more Silicon, aluminum and copper to construct CPU’s?

Is true that this might be a very hard scenario to consider, but, if we don’t have anymore resources to construct CPU’s or these resources where very limited, prices would go up, we would be stuck with old PC’s and CPU’s evolutions would stop. No more cool games, movies, cool interactive websites, etc.

Is more likely that this would affect the mobiles as well, so we probably wouldn’t have more cool phones as Iphones and Blackberries.

So, this April 22nd, Wednesday, let’s do ourselfs a favor and do some little conservation in pro of newer, faster, stronger CPU’s, motherboards, RAM’s, games, phones, internet, etc.

Here are some tips (I will be doing it):

– Don’t print (unless your boss will torture your that)
– Turn off the PC when you are gone for the day
– When not in front of the PC, turn off the monitor
– Drink coffee in a mug, instead of a paper cup

For all of you that are reading this post right now, have a great Earth Day.


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