Working from home

I believe that everybody have already asked about how is working from home?

Well, I have been working from home in the last 2 months and I got say, there is a ton of advantages and some very little disadvantages as well.

Let’s make a list:

Good things:

  • You are home
  • You can work in your pj’s, bermudas, no need to brush hair or even look good
  • coffee is always good and available
  • if things go wrong you can curse and nobody will complain (unless your wife is at home)

Necessary things:

  • Organization
  • Broadband connection
  • DIY (do it yourself) personality
  • Self learning
  • communication skills

Not so good things, but not bad:

  • You will probably never use the “I’m sick” excuse
  • Time is not always at your side. Goals need to be reached and if you are late, you will need to expend more time
  • Takes time to get used to the “I’m not in a office to clock-in clock-out” thing (which enforce the item above).

That’s basically it. If you keep yourself organized, goal oriented and place all you effort to make the projects true, working from home can be a bliss.

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