Zend Framework Quickstart Review

I have done a ton of work with ZF, but trully haven’t done a full aplication with MVC (as it should be) and today I have finally done the quickstart tutorial from Zend Framework.

It took me more than the half hour said on the tutorial, but that is because I have choosen to create directory by directory and file by file.

The tutorial is very straight forward, but if you follow the tutorial 100% as it should, you will face a couple of walls that you must bypass to continue.

The first big wall is the directory strucutre convention for the files. Check that very closely because if any file is out of place it will throw an error.

The second, and most anoying one, is the database issue. During the tutorial you will be requested to create a database using some scripts and, as you will see, the script does not create the databases specifieds on the ini file and also it does not say to you what are the logical file permissions. After doing some research I have found one good article that answer that all, so if you are facing these problems, check it out (Nabble Article Link).

Note: You must know how to run a PHP script from the command line to use this tutorial. If you are in Linux, just go to the directory requested (for the load.sqlite.php) and type php load.sqlite.php and it should run normally.

After the tutorial is complete you will see the MVC patter working as beautifully as it should, but the tutorial will not answer you all the questions, only will show you how everything works and for that you should use the Zend Framework Reference Guide.

Point is, if you have never worked with the Zend Framework and want to understand how everything works, the tutorial is a great way to start. It will help you to visualize what, where and how it works.

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2 responses to “Zend Framework Quickstart Review

  • rob

    I agree! That quickstart really sucks. It isn’t particularly quick, and even if you follow the instructions word for word, it fails. It is a little confusion which directory they are referring to in different sections. The worst part is that you can’t comment about the tutorial right there on that page where it really matters. I’m sure a lot of people have run into trouble there and ran away screaming.

    • mcloide

      It’s kind of confusing at first, but after a while you get the concept behind it. Anyway, if you are starting with ZF you should first do it and then really do some ZF tutorials. The ones about cache are always a need on any application.

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