It might seem unusual to work a site around to read from the right to the left, but if you are considering to have your site in a world scale, you better know what kind of enviroment you will face. Culture knowledge, what to do , what not to and mostly usability where our challenges in the last 2 weeks.

I’m working with and just this week we have released the Persian version of the site. Making the default site become a RTL version site, in a way that anyone that reads from the right to left could easily read and access, have become a major experience.

CSS changes, small functions adaptations, mirrored words and parenthesis, all of this made part on the changes that we made for that site. The site would look just like the current one, but inversed and all of that with the same usability that we already have for the site. It was a lot of work and lot of fun.

After the site was launched, we got feedback from all over the world thanking us for making that possible and now I do truly realize why it is so important to have correct usability on the site, reading format and culture on a site.

Different users, different rules, different scenario and tons of hard work. The best of all, on the end, you can truly see that it is all worth the time.

If you are wondering what you would be facing, on a CSS matter, for this kind of changes, take a look at the W3 Org Internationalization Article.

By the way, if you follow soccer (I’m a braziliam so…), check out the site, is trully good and fan oriented.


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