2009 DC PHP Conference

The 2009 edition of the DC PHP Conference is already set and they are calling for papers. If you are a great, crazy, PHP developer that know some stuff to share, check it out.

They are looking for people that knows something about:

  1. Business Cases
    • How has PHP impacted your business — Revenue Growth, Customer Satisfaction, Time Savings, Economic Savings, Resource Savings or other?
    • What does PHP do for you that you cannot get from other technologies?
    • ROI with PHP, PHP TCO compared with Java, .NET, etc.
  2. Best Practices
    • Architecture: SOA, databases, clusters
    • Performance, scalability, security
    • Time to market improvements, quality management, agile PHP
    • PHP/Java/.NET mixing, matching or choosing
  3. The Art of PHP
    • Resources: Tools, libraries and techniques
    • How-to’s & tricks of the trade
    • Web services, XML, and SOA
    • Secrets of smooth database integration
    • Tips on designing for reusability
    • Advanced techniques
  4. PHP Applications
    • Home grown or existing PHP applications
    • Eclipse PDT tutorials
    • Alfresco, Joomla, Mambo, Drupal, Nuke, Xoops, etc. case studies
    • Wiki’s Forums, Blogs, Email and other collaboration tools
    • Business Intelligence and PHP applications
    • CRM, ERP and PHP applications
  5. PHP in the Enterprise
    • Integration: barriers and solutions
    • Setting up application design/development/test/debug/deploy for PHP teams
    • Application/Change management
    • From grass-roots to mainstream, how does PHP grow in the organization
  6. Open Source
    • PHP in the Government
    • PHP and Politics

If you are not a crazy, insane master on PHP development, well check it out too, there is always a new trick 🙂

Have fun.


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