A solution for the low signal from D-Link WUA-1340 USB

I have been fighting for a while with my USB Wireless WUA 1340 from Dlink. No matter if I stay at 1 inch from the router or at 20 feet, the signal was every time low. I know that Windows Vista is not one of the best Operating Systems, but I couldn’t blame this on Vista.

Update: I’m working with Xubuntu 8.10 and the signal is over 70% without the foil. It looks like is something related to Vista after all.

After trying everything from disabling Firewall, anti-virus, installing new drivers, etc, I finally remembered a old school solution that we used to increase the signal for indoors TV antennas. It does looks ridiculous (I will take a picture and place it here later) but I did get an increase of 1 to 2 bars with this solution (I usually got 1 bar without this).

Let’s kill the suspense and go to the silliest solution for this:

1. Get a piece of aluminum foil
2. fold it into the width of a pen
3. attach it to the back of the usb wireless card with a tape

Now enjoy a better signal 🙂

Every time that I look I do remember, that is a ugly &^%$#@# but it works.

Have fun…

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