Google Friend Connect is awesome!!!

I’m having tons of fun with Google Friend Connect. It took a ton of time for them to white list my request, but the wait worth every single minute.

Google Friend Connect is a simple set of gadgets (if we can say simple for this) that will allow you to make any site a social network site.

Think about this: What is the least that you will need to create a social network site?

  • User registration
  • A place for the users interact with each other
  • A place for the users to invite friends

With the Google Friend Connect you can have this and, as long is growing, you will be able to have more.

Right now I have placed on the site Is a site, in Portuguese, that spread recepies and techniques of making sushi. The site is in Portuguese because it came from a Orkut community in Brazil. Anyway, there’s a translation feature there (not 100%) that, if you are interested, you can use.

With less than 5 minutes you can set up a whole social network feature to your site and made use of the Open Social API.

A couple of screen shots of Google Friend Connect.


Google Friend Connect Gadgets on

Google Friend Connect Interface

Google Friend Connect Interface


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