PHP5 Zend Exam – QA I

I have been getting lot’s of questions from people all around the world asking me how to pass on the Zend Exam, what to study, etc.

Today I got an email, from Marvin, with some pretty good questions about the Exam and here is the first version of the PHP5 Zend Exam QA (thanks Marvin).

– Are all those functions from the manual included? I mean even the .NET stuff?

-> Dont worry about the .NET stuff, the goal of the exam is for you to demonstrate that you know PHP very very well

– What topic does the exam is focused more ? e.g streams ?

-> Follow the categories that is shown at the book (including patterns). You will have a lot of questions regarding arrays, strings, streams, xml and SOAP, but, again, they will ask you about everything.

– What are other stuffs that I should study as a beginner, that are not in the manual you encountered in the exam?

-> Have you done any mock exams? If not, do so, so you can get an idea of what are your weak points and focus on those. On the mock exams, do not accept anything besides excellent.

– How many months have you reviewed regardless of your work experience ?

-> I took the exam 2 times before passing. If I have to put it up how much time I have studied from the first exam to the last, I would say at least 3 months, studying every day (including weekends). Do the following, and this will help a lot, get a mock exam and for each question, copy the question and the choice with your selected answer to a word document. Answer it and go forward. Repeat this process through all the exam. After is done, read every single question again and before answering it, go to Google, Yahoo, etc, and try to see if you can find an answer for it. It will actually help a lot.

– Do those mock exams from Zend has online timers?  (if there is, it would be hard for me to copy the questions and review them again)

-> Yes they do, but they do not restrict the time even knowing that you should finish in time.

For everyone that is out there studying, keep the good work and good luck.


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