I was reading a article from the Crunch Network about a new social network site where you can learn new languages –  Ok, I’m talking that they are teaching new programming languages, but, as speaking and reading more than one language besides your own is something always usefull (imagine yourself trying to take a subway in Japan) and I must admit, I was impressed with the site.

A great web 2.0 interface, the lessons have voice attached to (which make’s easier to understand) and after you start, you can spend a great amout of time there just checking the features of it.

I havent checked everything from the site still, but I have found some small bugs, that, at least for me, didn’t affect as much.

If you are the kind that like to learn something new everyday, check this out, you might stay there for a while.


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One response to “Babel

  • மனோஜ் குமார்

    hi Php enthusiast !
    Nice article ! i tried babel after reading your article. I must admitthat the site is good , and may be easy to use for tech guys like us ! but an ordinary pc user would be overwhelmed by it, because there s a confusion about basically WHERE TO GET STARTED !
    anyway good job !
    nice collection of articles !!

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