Election day story

I know this a blog about PHP, MySQL, Open  Source and technology, but I got a story so unbelievable that happened with me in today’s election that I need to share.

Here is how everything happens:

I got a story for you guys that is almost unbelievable.

I tried to early vote on the Saturday, but I dint have my registration card at the time (I did a last minute registration). After asking some information I got a phone number where I got some information about where to vote and that there I should look up for my name on the lists.

Election day came and I went to the 1st Baptist Church of Delray Beach to look for my name on the lists, get a ballot and vote. Well that would be the perfect scenario if I didn’t  fall under a exceptions (again). I stood in line for a few minutes and got to the first list. It’s already hard enough having 2 last names, since either one can be used, so I went to the A-D list on district 407X (lets rename this because pointing fingers is not cool – alright !?), my name wasn’t on the list, so I went to the R-S list on the 4072 district, again, my name wasn’t on the list. I did not knew by then what was the right district, so I went to the 407Y district list. Same drill again, went to the A-D list and after to the R-S lists, my name wasn’t in any of them.

They have sent me to a guy with a computer, from district 407X, to look up for my registration. Not found, but he could find out that I was from district 407Y. Went to the other guy with computer to look for me at the system. Again, not found. He asked me where I did my registration, so I have answered DMV. He got this “oh this is not good” face – OK at this time I know that I have been a exception. Have to be.

The second computer guy directed me to a supervisor that told me that I could do a provisional vote and all I got to do is, after the vote is done, I should came with a proof that I have actually registered. I got the ballot, but since my name wasn’t in any list I haven’t signed to get the ballot. Ballot in hands I went down to vote. Selected my candidates joining one end of the arrow to another (I got say, this is not user friendly and I’m a Computer Scientist) and cast my vote. After that, just like any normal person, I went to the machine (nobody told me not to) and ballot was set. Vote was counted on the machine. I was happy. For the first time and after 1 hour, I have voted.

I’m not sure if you seen the mistake in the whole process so far => I have placed a ballot on the machine and I haven’t signed the list. Big red alert exception going on.

I went back home, got the proof that I have registered and went back to show to the supervisor. Well here is where things actually get messy. The ballot that I have placed on the machine should never got the machine, it should gone through the table with the other provisional votes. By then I don’t think anybody realized the little mistake mentioned before, not even me.

After explaining the whole situation again, we got a flag of something went bad. The supervisor start calling West Palm Beach that kept tossing him around until he actually stood his attitude up and asked, kindly actually, to have somebody to help him. He got some answers back and he decided to set an “incident” report and submit with the file that was or is going to be the reason why I was doing the provisional vote.

The incident report was filled and my voting day was done.

Since the beginning of what now I call a quest, 2 hours have passed, a lot of frustration from the officers and a lot of confusion. I kind that feel bad for them. Being through an election day with a big messy exception in hands just in the beginning of the day cannot be a good thing.

I’m not sure until now if my vote is going to count, but one thing I’m sure, I will have a story to tell my children and gran-children to came in future days.


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