Case sensitive passwords

No matter where you are registering you will find 2 distincts password handling systems:

  • Case sensitive password storage
  • Case insensitive password storage

If you work in a LAMP enviroment most likely you will use a case sensitive method, since that’s what you are used to (Linux is a case sensitive system) and most likely you have set on your brain that this is the only secure accepted scenario for password handling, but when you start looking for the user side, case sensitive password handlers became an issue.

Talking with some users (none computer savy) I found out that a password with upper case letters, lower case letters, special chars and numbers combination is a little too much to remember.

Considering this and my will of testing out the poll system from WordPress, I would like to you guys to help me out.

I’m pretty strict with security and I would not exchange security for usability in a password system, but I would like to know what you guys think, so…


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