WordPress + GoodAdsense + Feedburner = Money 4 You

If you have, just like me, a WordPress blog and want to get a little bit more from it than you are getting now, I might have an exit for you. It took time, but I could finally figure out how to set up Google Adsense for feeds to work with Feedburner and display ads at my feeds. Supposedly it should be working as it is since Feedburner was bought by Google, but it still is a bit complicated to set up.

Here is how it works:

Set up an Adsense account with Google and create a new Adsense for Feeds. Adsense will ask you for a bunch stuff, but the important point is that you let adsense burn a feed for you. You will give adsense your blog feed link (usually http://yourblogname.wordpress.com/feed) and it will burn a new feed for you with feedburner.

After your Ad is saved, go back to it and see what was the channel name that it has created and take a note on that.

Now go to the manage channels, look for that channel and copy that id (save some place, you will need it).

Now go to your account details and look for your publisher id. For the feed publisher it should be something like ca-feed-pub#################. Copy everything from feed through the last number.

Go back to manage feeds and you will see a “View Feed Stats” link. Hit on that you will be redirected to the Feedburner control panel. At this control panel go to monetize.

At this tab you will see 3 textboxes to enter information.

The first you will enter your publisher id (the feed-pub#######) and on the second you will enter the channel id (only numbers).

Save it and wait about 15 minutes. Go to the “Optmize” tab and hit “View your feed”. You should see your blog posts with ads at the 1st, 3rd and last posts (not all of them).

With everything set up, your ads will be displayed at feed readers and, just like any other Adsense campaign, you will earn for each valid click on your ad, so more subscribers, more chance you will have to get some money out of it.


  • You can really make money with your WordPress Blog


  • Is a complicated setup
  • Your ads will only be seen on feed readers (like Google Feed Reader) but not all of them will display the ads (like Omea Reader) and some you will see the ad but it will not work properly (like News Gator)
  • If you have set up your sidebar to display the same feed, the ads will be removed (witch kind that make sense)

Want to see this working, just ad this feed link to a feed reader of yours (like the Google Feed Reader): http://feedproxy.google.com/McloidesResourcesLibrary

Have fun.

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