I’m a PC

I admit that this has nothing to do with PHP or web development (at least not directly), but have you seen the “I’m a PC” adverstisement created by Microsoft in response of the MAC campaign? At first, when you see it on the TV it’s not so catching, maybe a bit interesting, but when you hit the ad campaign of their website – http://imapc.lifewithoutwalls.com/ – things change in a way that make viral campaigns envy this one.

When I first registered this site I only tought about trying to find myself on the pictures of the site, but, after a while a got an email saying that my picture was in Times Square, New York.

Wow. Stop right there. That’s insane cool. I have never imaged that a simple TV with web application campaign could be so viral (when I mean viral I’m saying that in word of mouth this have reached a number of people over 50 in a single hour, now imagine this same word of mouth going on from the first 50 people that received this…).

For now, if you want to admit that you are a PC just go to their website and register. You might have the same surprise that I did and have your face on a big billboard over Times Square or in some banner ads in other cool sites such the MTV ones.

This is cool. I’m a PC and I was in Times Square billboard in a Microsoft Ad.


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