Zend Exam Tips – Scoring system

If you have failed the test and have looked to the score sheet that they give you after you finish the exam and still do not understand why you have failed, here is why: Zend does not accept any score lower than Intermediate (medium) in an exam and if you got that, you have failed.

You have for the exam 12 categories, arrays, web features, xml, design, differences between PHP4 and 5, etc. All categories are marked with low, medium and high scores, or better, knowledge level. To pass the exam all you need to do is have a knowledge level of medium / high in all categories to pass.

I got this information after talking with the Zend customer support (and off course, I have asked about the confidentiality policy to know if I could disclose that) and hey, I got some good news, if you have taken the exam before, you are eligible for getting an discount to retake the exam. All you got do is sending an email to certification@zend.com.

Good luck on your next exam.


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15 responses to “Zend Exam Tips – Scoring system

  • Jon

    We take advantage of this

    Thank you for this topic

  • mcloide

    Not a problem. If you have any doubt’s or ideas, suggestions about the exam, put it here. The goal here is to put all the information that we can in order that we can always get back to it and still spread the power of PHP.
    Have fun.

  • Lars

    Do I need a score of medium/high in each of the 12 categories or in sum of the 12 categories? What if I have a low score in databases and a medium/high score in the other 11 categories? Do I still fail?
    BTW: Thank you for this excellent blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • mcloide

      You just need to score at least medium in all categories. If you score low in one of them, you have to take the test again. It seem to be a very hard test, but after you understand the test, you are going to see that is quite simple.

  • Anil Ozselgin

    But mock up exam results contradicts with your words. I have passed 10 of 12, and I passed the mock up exam.

    • mcloide

      Anil in fact the mock exams does not reflect the true scoring system of the PHP5 Zend Exam, but they does give you a good idea of how the exam is elaborated.

      To pass the PHP5 Zend Exam you need to have at least medium in all of the categories. If you get low in one of the categories you fail.

      If you are taking the mock-up exams, “cheat” on them. Whenever you see a question that you don’t know, copy in a Word document, search for the answer on the net, but don’t leave without knowing that answer. Most likely you will see a similar question on the real exam.

      When you are taking the exam, if you fail, just like me in the first one, you will receive a scoring result for your exam. In this result it will show you the stronger (higher) scores, the mediums and the lows. The concept after this score result is to you to focus on the areas that you have low, keep studying on the areas that you have high and study a bit more on the areas that you have medium.

      After you pass the exam the only thing they will give you is “You Passed” in a formal text so you can present to your employer and after some weeks you will receive the certification by mail.

      Good luck on your exam ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anil Ozselgin

    I studied one week more, but i thought it is enough; it is boring memorizing php manual ๐Ÿ™‚

    I passed, but it has really hard questions. Mock exams are a little easier than real exam.


  • Tim

    Misleading? here is a email from ZEND
    Hi Tim, we do recommend you have an intermediate to advanced
    understanding of every topic on the exam. However, your pass/fail
    result is based on an overall score.

    Best of luck with your test!

    Debbie(“Debbie Otterstetter” )
    Zend Technologies, Inc.

    • mcloide

      So far I have taken the exam 3 times (in the 3rd I have passed). A friend of mine have taken it a couple of times. Both of us have failed in 2 or more items on the exam, and, failed the exam. Maybe it will let it go if you have failed one area that is not too important, but cant confirm that.

      I don’t think is a misleading thing, but maybe a “open interpretation”. As my experience, whatever you do, don’t have a low score in any area. This is the only way you can really guarantee that you will pass.

  • MMK

    Hi mcloide ,

    I have lost my forst attempt of ZCE.
    Can u pls tell me how many times i can attempt this exam?

    • mcloide

      I believe you can attempt as many as you want, but it does have a gap time required between each one of them. I’m not sure, at this moment, but I believe that it is a 3 month gap between each of the tests. Anyway, don’t give up. It’s a hard test. I have myself failed a couple of times before getting mine.


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