ZCE Exam Question: Which PCRE regular expression will match the string PhP5-rocks?

Which PCRE regular expression will match the string PhP5-rocks?


[ ]


[ ]


[ ]


[ ]


[ ]


I got intrigued with this question. At first it seems too easy, but it requires a little understanding from PHP’s PCRE functions to really understand it.

If you do the following code and execute it:


$string = 'PhP5-rocks';






The first, second and last print_r will print 1 at the screen and the remaining will print 0. If you read preg_match function manual you will see that preg_match returns 1 or 0 always, being 1 as it has matched a string that matches that regex that was given to test. Considering this, you would have 3 correct answers for this puzzle but, in fact there’s only one. When you add the refereced parameter $matches and print it, you will see that the only regex that matches the string is the first one.

When I first have answered this question, I have answered wrongly. I did missed the fact that were a capital P on the string (well who knew…), but this helped me to see what’s was wrong and seek for the correct answer.

I will keep you guys posted. More to come with PHP 5 and Zend Certifications.


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2 responses to “ZCE Exam Question: Which PCRE regular expression will match the string PhP5-rocks?

  • jhOy imPeRiaL

    i am really having a hard time studying regular expression. i am self studying for a month now for 2 hours a day. hope ill get to understand this now.

  • mcloide

    I used to have a lot of issues studying REGEX, but as soon as I started to work with Apache Rewrite Rules, Everything became a bit clear. Try to place some REGEX in everyday examples and it became a bit clear of how it works. Remember, REGEX is nothing else besides logic. Good luck.

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